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Voiced by: Hynden Walch

Classification: Power character

Biography: A princess from the planet of Tamaran, Koriand'r came to earth after being betrayed by her sister. Becoming a member of the Teen Titans and calling herself Starfire, she became a protector of a new world.

Intro: Flies into frame, with glowing green eyes and star bolts charges around her hands; shes shoots forward two star bolts and her eyes and hands return to normal, and she says "If we must fight, I will!"

Idle Stance: Floats above the ground with her arms extended from the elbow out to her sides, fists clenched

Post-Round Taunt: Flies further into the air and does a loop-de-loop

Outro: Flies backward slightly then says "You should not have tried to fight me!" then looks up at the sky and takes off

Special Moves:

* Star Bolt - Throws forward two balls of glowing green energy that explode on contact
** Meter Burn - Throws forward two more additional star bolts

* Star Bolt (Air) - Throws forward two balls of glowing green energy that explode on contact

* Star Beam - Crouches and shoots forward a beam of glowing green energy
** Meter Burn - After shooting forward the beam, Starfire throws forward a barrage of three star bolts

* Flying Crash - Loops around in the air then flies forward, smashing into the opponent
** Meter Burn - When she hits the opponent, Starfire grabs onto them and drags them across the ground as she flies

* Star Burst - Releases a short-range burst of energy from all sides of her body to damage a nearby opponent or to cancel out projectiles

Launcher: Punches forward with a glowing fist

Forward - Grabs the opponent by the collar, flies up into the air, then flies downward at a 45 degree angle, smashing the opponent into the ground
Back - Grabs the opponent by the collar, flies up into the air while rotating to face the other way, then flies downward at a 45 degree angle, smashing the opponent into the ground

Character Trait: Star Charge - Starfire gains glowing green eyes and glowing hands for a short time, signifying that all of her energy attacks will be stronger for this time

Super Move: Star Power - Starfire flies forward to about half-screen, and if she runs into the opponent, she will grab them and take off into the air; she is then shown exiting Earth's atmosphere and letting go of the opponent in space, shooting them with a barrage of many star bolts; as the opponent begins being pulled back in by Earth's gravity, Starfire grabs them and begins flying back down, piledriving the opponent back down to the stage

Ending: Starfire was among the members of the Titans who were brought in as enforcer's for Superman's Regime. As a warrior princess, the philosophy of killing one's enemies wasn't as repulsive to Starfire as it was for other heroes. Working as one of Superman's more powerful underlings, Starfire was eventually called to return to Tamaran to negotiate a treaty with Earth's new government. But upon returning home, her treacherous sister Blackfire managed to convince Starfire that Superman doesn't deserve to lead. Earth needs a Tamaranean leader, and Starfire was willing to take the throne. That is, until Blackfire could betray her.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Let us finish this!"
"For Tamaran!"
"You have forced my hand!"
"This will end quickly!"
"Come on!"


Starfire - "Do not hold back, Dick."
Nightwing - "I doubt I'd be able to hurt you if I tried."

Starfire - "Why must we fight like this?"
Nightwing - "I believe it's called a lover's quarrel."

Starfire - "This is good sparring, yes, friend Cyborg?"
Cyborg - "It's a real challenge, Star."

Starfire - "I will not let you win!"
Deathstroke - "Well, I didn't expect this to be easy."

Starfire - "Why must you keep attacking the Titans?"
Deathstroke - "Money's the motivating factor here."

Starfire - "Is this what is called a 'girls' night out?'"
Raven - "I don't think you have the right idea."

Starfire - "Why must you always be so gloomy?"
Raven - "Sorry I don't live in the perfect world you do."

Starfire - "Did my sister Blackfire hire you to kill me?"
Lobo - "I'm impressed! Got in on the first guess!"

Starfire - "I do not know if I can do this."
Red Hood - "We're Outlaws now, Star. We need to be ruthless."


Nightwing - "What happened to us, Star?"
Starfire - "I think it is best we leave things in the past."

Nightwing - "Just like the good old days, huh?"
Starfire - "Fighting your friends is hardly 'good.'"

Cyborg - "Can those Star Bolts measure up to a sonic boom?"
Starfire - "Let us find out!"

Deathstroke - "It's over, 'princess.'"
Starfire - "It is far from over, Slade!"

Deathstroke - "You put up quite a fight."
Starfire - "Did you expect me to surrender?"

Raven - "Your powers are too bright for my tastes."
Starfire - "And yours are far too dark."

Raven - "I need to know you can beat me in case something goes wrong."
Starfire - "Do not talk like that, Raven!"

Lobo - "I've always wanted to hook up with a Tamaranean babe."
Starfire - "Do not expect I will let you."

Red Hood - "I need you to be in perfect condition for our team."
Starfire - "I would be more worried about your human capabilities."

* Hynden Walch is known for voicing Starfire in the Teen Titans animated series
* In her idle stance, Starfire floats above the ground
No mustard included.
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jonbotone Featured By Owner May 18, 2015
I wonder what alt costumes you can include.  maybe, teen titans, and blackfire.
Shawntheimmortal94 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome and the clash quotes with the teen titans,jason todd and slade are a good callback to the comics
Twilightnite Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
What is a clash Quote?
LookItsJarvis Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
In Injustice, when a player is caught in their opponent's combo they can initiate a clash, where both characters charge towards each other and the winner of the clash is decided by who bets more of their super meter. Before they run at each other, the characters say something to each other.
Twilightnite Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
did you hear all of the original character's clash qoutes? because there was one where Yellow Lantern said "Time to teach you fear." And the green said "I'm a poor student."
LookItsJarvis Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
Yeah, there's a bunch in that game.
Twilightnite Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
I was thinking that for Starfire if she has to clash with Nightwing she could say, "How did it come to this?!" or something.

and if Damian was fighting star he could shout "First Grayson, now you!" or something.
antiwooleybear Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013
Quite detailed
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
Like how it reflects the comic version, but still references the toons.
GodDragonKing Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
Nothing aimed at Regime Nightwing?
ssaffr01 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
That's what I was wondering and your ending for her sounded like she was going to go Regime.
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