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Kyle Rayner

Voiced by: Will Friedle

Classification: Power Character

Biography: The fourth Green Lantern of Earth, Kyle Rayner was chosen as the torch-bearer for a near-destroyed Green Lantern Corps. Now holding the power of a White Lantern, Kyle can access all powers from the emotional spectrum.

Intro: Kyle is shown as a White Lantern, holding up his lantern; a bright white light erupts from it, engulfing the screen; when it passes, Kyle is shown as a Green Lantern preparing to fight

Post-Round Taunt: Fist pumps and says either "Nice try, buddy." or "You must be joking." (in Will Form); floats further into the air and stretches out his arms, saying either "Nice try, buddy." or "You must be joking." (in Hope form); points forward with his staff and says "Nice try buddy." or "You must be joking." (in Compassion form)

Outro: Kyle transforms into his White Lantern form and says "Guess I was too much for ya."; he then flies into space and releases white energy, which manifests behind him as the seven colors of the rainbow, with each color holding an image of Kyle as that colored Lantern

(NOTE: Kyle's trait allows him to switch between three different forms: Will form (Green Lantern), Hope form (Blue Lantern), and Compassion form (Indigo Lantern); while they all share the same basic attacks, special moves change between each form.)

Special Movem (Will Form):

* Mini Mecha - Creates a construct of a miniature mecha, which runs forward and does a rocket-propelled punch
** Meter Burn - After the rocket punch, the mecha construct grows to be human-sized, and performs another rocket punch that slams the opponent into the ground

* Broadsword - Creates a broadsword construct and does an overhead slash
** Meter Burn - After hitting the opponent away with the sword construct, Kyle stabs it into the ground and it reappears underneath the flying opponent, hitting them again

* Emerald Missile - Shoots forward a missile construct that homes-in on the opponent (though it has limited range, only lasts for a brief time, and isn't entirely accurate)
** Meter Burn - After the opponent is hit by the missile, Kyle shoots a laser from his ring at the opponent

* Emeral Missile (Air) - The same move as Emerald Missile, but in the air

* Drill Punch - Makes a spinning drill around his hand and does a dashing punch
** Meter Burn - Upon hitting the opponent with the drill, Kyle will force the drill deeper into the opponent's chest

Special Moves (Hope Form):

* Hope Shot - Shoots forward a fast-moving ball of hope energy
** Meter Burn - Shoots forward an additional three blasts which are all faster-moving

* Saint's Comet (Close) - Creates a ball of energy high in the air that falls downward at a close range
** Meter Burn - The ball of energy becomes an entire beam

* Saint's Comet (Mid) - Creates a ball of energy high in the air that falls downward at a medium range
** Meter Burn - The ball of energy becomes an entire beam

* Saint's Comet (Far) - Creates a ball of energy high in the air that falls downward at a far range
** Meter Burn - The ball of energy becomes an entire beam

* Barrier Aura - Briefly creates a cirvular force field around him that will cancel out attacks and damage the opponent if they touch it
** Meter Burn - Kyle shoots the force field off of his body forward; it still blocks attacks as it moves forward until it reaches a certain range or hits the opponent

* Inspiration - A blue spark appears underneath the opponent, causing the opponent to stay still, looking upward at a blue light used to represent their greatest hope; this leaves them open to attack

Special Moves (Compassion Form):

* Nok - Holds forward his staff as a short-ranged wave of compassion energy bursts form it
** Meter Burn - After hitting with the initial wave, Kyle will create another wave with longer range, which knocks the opponent across the screen

* Quake - Bangs his staff against the ground, creating a burst of purple energy underneath the opponent
** Meter Burn - Once the opponentis bounced into the air by the earthquake, Kyle raises his staff to summon a blast of indigo energy from the sky, knocking the opponent back down to the ground

* Phase Teleport - Phases through the ground and appears on the other side of the opponent, striking them with his staff; can be done in the air
** Meter Burn - Hits opponent with staff after teleporting, but instead of knocking them away entraps them is an indigo aura, freezing them in the air for a couple of seconds

* Staff Pull - Extends a beam of light from his staff's tip which entangles the opponent, who he then pulls toward him
** Meter Burn - Blasts the opponent back to the other side of the screen after pulling them in

Launcher: Creates the classic Green Lantern boxing glove construct and charges up a punch

Forward - Turns into his White Lantern form, grabs onto the opponent and raises one hand into the air, causing the opponent to dissappear into white light and reappear in the air a few feet in front of Kyle, landing roughly; he then transforms back into whatever form he was previously in
Back - Turns into his White Lantern from, grabs onto the opponent and raises one hand into the air, causing the opponent to dissappear into white light and reappear in the air a few feet behind Kyle, landing roughly; he then transforms back into whatever from he was previously in

Character Trait:
Spectrum Switch - Kyle is capable of switching between Will form (Green Lantern), Hope form (Blue Lantern), and Compassion form (Indigo Lantern) at any time; all forms have different standard and special attacks, and control slightly differently; Green Lantern is the most balanced; Blue Lantern is fastest, has an air dash, but is less focused on straight-up combat; Indigo Lantern is the slowest and is more focused on close-range combat, but is the strongest in standard and special moves

Super Move:
Seven Lights - Kyle becomes a White Lantern and motions his arm forward, creating an energy spike underneath the opponent up to mid-range that initiates the move unless the opponent blocks; Kyle then uses the light to transport the opponent to space, where he creates seven large constructs of himself as each of the seven lights (Green, Yellow, Violet, Red, Blue, Orange, and Indigo); the Orange Lantenr version grabs the opponent and squeezes them, the Red Lantern claws at the opponent, knocking the opponent out of the Orange Lantern's hands into the Yellow Lantern, who shoots a beam at the opponent which makes them collide with the Blue Lantern, who creates an aura of blue light that sends the opponent flying into the Indigo Lantern's staff and into the fist of the Violet Lantern, which leaves them in the position for the Green Lantern to shoot a beam at them, sending them flying back to Earth

Ending: Since Kyle Rayner embraced his newfound role as the White Lantern, he has since spent most of his time in space, trying to bring peace to the universe. He was unaware, however, of the problems arising on Earth until he arrived at his home, years later. Deciding that life must return to how it once was, Kyle unleashed his great power on the Regime and eventually Superman. The White Lantern had returned peace to Earth, leaving it safe for life once more.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Which color would you prefer?"
"Are you sure about this?"
"Let's hurry it up, I'm on a deadline."
"I represent the full spectrum!"
"I'd give up if I were you."


Kyle Rayner - "The White Lantern represents life!"
Solomon Grundy - "But now you die!"

Kyle Rayner - "I'm not just green anymore!"
Hal Jordan - "Don't be a show off."

Kyle Rayner - "I was always worried about living up to your legacy."
Hal Jordan - "Well, who can blame you?"

Kyle Rayner - "I don't really see what's so great about fear..."
Sinestro - "Insolent child!"

Kyle Rayner - "You can really hold a grudge, huh?"
Sinestro - "Because my Corps. is superior to yours!"

Kyle Rayner - "I love your mustache."
Sinestro - "Do not mock me!"

Kyle Rayner - "You really want to take me on?"
John Stewart - "Don't get cocky just 'cause you're a White Lantern."

Kyle Rayner - "Calm down. I understand your rage."
Atrocitus - "No one has suffered as much as me!"

Kyle Rayner - "Jealous of my new ring, Guy?"
Guy Gardner - "I'm perfectly comfotable with what I've got."

Kyle Rayner - "We've gotta get that ring off you..."
Larfleeze - "Don't touch it! It's mine!"


Solomon Grundy - "Grundy will rip you in half!"
Kyle Rayner - "That's not how zombies usually do it."

Hal Jordan - "Let's see what that white ring can do."
Kyle Rayner - "The answer is 'pretty much anything.'"

Hal Jordan - "You've come a long way, kid."
Kyle Rayner - "No time for flashbacks now."

Sinestro - "I deserve to be the White Lantern!"
Kyle Rayner - "The only thing you deserve is a time out."

Sinestro - "I'll rip the entity from your corpse!"
Kyle Rayner - "You do know it doesn't work that way..."

Sinestro - "The Green Lanterns' Torchbearer dies here!"
Kyle Rayner - "This light will continue to burn!"

John Stewart - "You're probably the strongest one of us."
Kyle Rayner - "But do I deserve it?"

Atrocitus - "You can wield the red light..."
Kyle Rayner - "Yeah, but it's one of the worst to use.

Larfleeze - "You can't be an Orange Lantern! Only me!"
Kyle Rayner - "I can't understand why you'd want to be one."

Larfleeze - "I want to be a White Lantern!"
Kyle Rayner - "Sorry, you're not right for the job."

* Will Friedle has previously voiced Kyle Rayner on Justice League Unlimited
* Kyle will always begin the match in Will Form, and is also placed into Will Form after performing his super move, or missing with his super move
Apparently Kyle's a White Lantern now. Not the worst thing to happen in the New 52, so I decided to put it in here.

His win pose is basically this:…
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swannige Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
The reason he's not in the game is because he was ripped apart by Sinestro and his corps members in space. Still doesn't' explain how Dick-Nightwing made it in the game though? I'd love to see Kyle/A White Lantern in the game though!
miletich2 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
Couldn't Kyle Rayner be another skin for green lantern like John Stewart?
LookItsJarvis Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
Yeah, but I wanted to see what he would be like if he was his own character. I did ones for Stewart and Guy Gardner too.
ArtViewerDWJ Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013   Writer
Sounds like a hell Mary character to put in injustice.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
Still cool to see Kyle in some form or another.
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