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Jonah Hex

Voiced by: Adam Baldwin

Classification: Gadget character (with explosives)

Biography: One of the most feared men in the old west, Jonah Hex was a skilled bounty hunter. Despite being from the past, the cowboy has often crossed past with the heroes of the present.

Intro: Jonah Hex is seen sitting in an old west tavern as a six-shooter is pressed against the back of his head; he swiftly stands up, holding his gun out, and disappears in a way identical to Scorpion in his intro; he is transported into the battlefield, and mumbles "Let's get to it then."

Post-Round Taunt: Spins his revolver around his fingers and says "Piece 'a trash." or "You best stay down."

Outro: Walks up to the downed opponent, looks at his revolver, as if considering shooting them, and instead just spits on their unconscious body and walks offscreen

Special Moves:

* Bowie Knife - Lunges forward with his bowie knife, and if it connects, he performs an automatic three-slash combo
** Meter Burn - Performs extra slashes on the opponent

* Quick Draw - Quickly grabs a revolver out of the holster on the right side of his belt and shoots twice
** Meter Burn - Grabs both revolvers, shooting two shots with each quickly

* Lasso - Throws forward a lasso which can entangle to opponent; if it connects, Hex will pull them towards him, allowing him some free hits
** Meter Burn - Once he pulls the opponent towards him, Hex hands them some lit dynamite and kicks them away, making them explode

* Tomahawk Toss - Throws forward a tomahawk
** Meter Burn - Throws two successive tomahawks after the first

* Molotov Cocktail (Close) - Tosses a molotov cocktail a few feet in front of him, igniting the ground for a breif couple of seconds, which can damage the opponent if they come in contact with the flames

* Molotov Cocktail (Mid) - Throws a molotov cocktail to about mid-screen, igniting the ground for a breif couple of seconds, which can damage the opponent if they come in contact with the flames

* Molotov Cocktail (Far) - Throws a molotov cocktail almost full-screen, igniting the ground for a breif couple of seconds, which can damage the opponent if they come in contact with the flames

Launcher: Performs a large Sparta kick

Forward - Grabs the opponent and stabs them twice in the stomach with his bowie knife before throwing them forward
Back - Grabs the opponent and stabs them twice in the stomach with his bowie knife before throwing them behind him

Character Trait:
Dead Eye - For a limited time, Hex's Quick Draw move will track the opponent's position instead of just shooting straight forward; it also deals more damage, even when the opponent is blocking

Super Move: Jonah Hex swings his lasso forward, and if the opponent is caught in it, he will pull them toward him and stab them in the stomach; a black horse then runs up, and Hex climbs onto it, still holding the rope; the horse runs around the area, dragging the opponent across the ground and bumping them around; he then stops the horse, steps off, lays one foot on the opponent's chest, and shoots them twice in the head before pulling out his bowie knife

Ending: Jonah Hex, history's deadliest bounty hunter, has a reputation that stretches centuries into the future after his death. Hex's skills were so legendary that the desperate Insurgency, led by Batman, who has met Hex at several points in history, created a device to transport Jonah Hex into their time. Tasking him with the assassination of several Regime officers, Hex was offered insane monetary rewards, especially for his time period. Jonah Hex accepted the bounty, but declined his reward. He instead asked the Insurgency to promise to never force him to deal with any more time travel.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes
"You ain't walkin' away from this."
"You picked a fight with the wrong guy."
"Do you know how many people I've killed?"
"I hate time travel..."
"Too late to let you walk away."


Jonah Hex - "How many times are we gonna cross paths?"
Batman - "Don't blame me for this."

Jonah Hex - "Yer fancy gadgets can't replace a good 'ol pistol."
Batman - "Anything but a gun."

Jonah Hex - "Why hold back from killin'?"
Batman - "Justice doesn't come from a bullet to the head."

Jonah Hex - "Yer weapon's outdated, son."
Green Arrow - "Coming from the old west cowboy? Yeah, sure."

Jonah Hex - "So you're the best the future has to offer."
Deathstroke - "The mercenary business has come a long way."

Jonah Hex - "What's with the get-up?"
Deathstroke - "An assassin needs more than just a hat these days."

Jonah Hex - "So you're the god of war. I'm unimpressed."
Ares - "You owe me everything, Hex."

Jonah Hex - "You just look plain ridiculous."
Lobo - "Says the man with the fragged-up face!"


Batman - "How did you get to this time period?"
Jonah Hex - "Hell if I know."

Batman - "Heroes don't need to kill."
Jonah Hex - "I ain't exactly a hero."

Batman - "This isn't how we do things here."
Jonah Hex - "Well, I ain't exactly from around here."

Green Arrow - "So am I a better archer than most Natives you've met?"
Jonah Hex - "I was raised by Indians. You ain't got nothin' on 'em."

Deathstroke - "Really? You're history's best bounty hunter?"
Jonah Hex - "It kinda obvious when I'm compared with you."

Deathstroke - "Don't get in the way of my contracts."
Jonah Hex - "Hey, it's an open bounty."

Ares - "Well, if it isn't my favorite killer."
Jonah Hex - "I've killed lots of people. I think I can add a god to the list."

Lobo - "Wow, Earth's bounty hunters are old fashioned!"
Jonah Hex - "Sometimes old fashioned is better."

Black Manta - "So you fought for the Confederacy?"
Jonah Hex - "I fought for country, not slavery."

* Adam Baldwin previously voiced Jonah Hex in the Justice League animated series

This makes me want a Red Dead Redemption-style Jonah Hex video game.
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Seen plenty of fan-made takes on Hex and this is a good one here. I can definitely picture his super move since I imagined something like that as a finisher in a Versus style game way before Injustice came out. Moveset's good, but thinking he needs at least one tomahawk to throw around since he uses those fairly often.
LookItsJarvis Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2013
That's a good idea. I didn't even consider a tomahawk.
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