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John Stewart

Voiced by: Phil LaMarr

Classification: Power Character

Biography: The third modern human member of the Green Lantern Corps., John Stewart is a former Marine whose discipline and seriousness shows in his approach to being a superhero. A talented architect, Stewart "builds" his constructs from the inside out, making them stronger and more durable.

Intro: John Stewart flies in while charging his ring on his lantern, and holds up his fist, with his ring shining brightly, saying "You don't want to do this."

Post-Round Taunt: Creates a green aura around himself and says "Had enough?" or "You can't win."

Outro: Projects images of the Guardians of the Universe around him, saying "I'm done here. What's next?" Afterward, he stands with his arms crossed as the Guardians circle around him

Special Moves:

* Assault Rifle - Shoots three rounds quickly with an assault rifle construct
** Meter Burn - Shoots three more rounds even more quickly after the first three

* Marine Sniper - Gets down on one knee and shoots forward with a sniper rifle construct, hitting low and causing large knockback
** Meter Burn - Shoots the opponent with a pistol construct as they fly through the air after being hit with the sniper

* Beatdown - Creates a giant fist around his own, slamming it downward, making the opponent hit the ground and bounce upward to allow for juggling
** Meter Burn - Once the opponent bounces into the air, John kicks them away

* Eruption - Uses his ring to create a circle underneath his opponent, which eventually erupts into a damaging beam of light that extends upward; however, it is not immediate so the opponent has time to escape
** Meter Burn - Once the light fires upward, he directs it back downwards to do double the damage

* Chain of Command - Shoots forward a link of large chain that wrap around the opponent if they connect, trapping them for a limited amount of time

* Green Lantern's Light - Bursts out a bright green light from his body in all directions, blinding an opponent if they are close enough and allowing him to retreat to a farther distance

Launcher: Flies forward to knock opponents away

Forward - Binds opponent using a construct, then shoots them forward using a large blast of light
Back - Binds opponent using a construct, then flies behind them and shoots them forward using a large blast of light

Character Trait:
Shielding - Creates a projectile-proof force field around his body, allowing him to deflect projectiles for a limited amount of time

Super Move:
Architect's Imagination - John flies forward to grab the opponent, and, if it connects, flies them into space, where he constructs a large platform that the opponent stands on and then a detailed city around them; after this, he uses his ring to make a large Godzilla-like monster that runs through the city, destroying it; the building topple onto the opponent one-after-the-other, and ultimately the monster grabs the opponent and throws them back down to Earth

Ending: Always the dutiful one, John Stewart originally went along with his friend Superman's plans for a Regime that would unite the world and end crime. However, he grew uneasy as Superman's methods became darker and his Regime became more oppressive. The final straw was when John's friend Hal Jordan gave in to the power of fear and joined the Sinestro Corps. Seeing that the Regime matches the ideology he had fought against as a Green Lantern, John Stewart defected from the Regime and is now one of Superman's most powerful enemies.

Clash Quotes:

"Don't even bother."
"I'm taking you down."
"Don't mess with the Green Lanterns!"
"You've already lost."


John Stewart - "You're not so great with a sniper rifle."
Deathstroke - "I have more experience with one than you."

John Stewart - "Where's your Corps. to save you?"
Sinestro - "I do not need them to beat you." OR "I am more powerful than all of them combined!"

John Stewart - "You're on our most wanted list."
Sinestro - "That just proves how dangerous I am!"

John Stewart - "Your ring can't match a Green Lantern's!"
Sinestro - "You must be joking."

John Stewart - "My constructs are stronger."
Hal Jordan - "But my will burns brighter!"

John Stewart - "So it's Marines vs. Air Force?"
Hal Jordan - "Or just Green Lantern vs. Green Lantern!"

John Stewart - "You've always been a rebel, Hal."
Hal Jordan - "And you've always been a stick in the mud."

John Stewart - "Yellow's not your color, Hal."
Hal Jordan (Yellow Lantern costume) - "Since when were you the funny one?"

John Stewart - "This is Parallax all over again!"
Hal Jordan (Yellow Lantern costume) - "No, I'm in full control this time!"

John Stewart - "Fly away, birdie."
Hawkgirl - "I think I'll stick around and mace you in the face."

John Stewart - "There's a Science Cell with your name on it."
Lobo - "You'll never take me alive!"

John Stewart - "What are you doing in this sector?"
Lobo - "None 'a yer business, ya bastich!"

John Stewart - "You've got quite the rap sheet."
Lobo - "Pretty awesome, isn't it?"

John Stewart - "You're not so special without a yellow sun."
General Zod - "And you're not so special without your ring."

John Stewart - "Stay away from Earth."
General Zod - "You do not command Zod."


Deathstroke - "You're a fellow military man?"
John Stewart - "We're nothing alike!"

Sinestro - "I was expecting Jordan..."
John Stewart - "Sorry to disappoint you!"

Sinestro - "Give in to your fears!"
John Stewart - "I've already overcome them!"

Sinestro - "The Guardians don't know what's best for the universe!"
John Stewart - "They definitely know more than you."

Hal Jordan - "So, who here's the better ring slinger?"
John Stewart - "You're about to find out the hard way!"

Hal Jordan - "Beware my power!"
John Stewart - "Green Lantern's light!"

Hal Jordan - "Want to grab some beers later?"
John Stewart - "Sure, when I'm done kicking your ass."

Hal Jordan (Yellow Lantern costume) - "Willpower's a weak emotion, John."
John Stewart - "It's still stronger than fear!"

Hal Jordan (Yellow Lantern costume) - "If you're smart, you'll join Sinestro."
John Stewart - "I guess that makes me an idiot then."

Hawkgirl - "Think we'd make a cute couple?"
John Stewart - "Not with your scary boyfriend around."

Lobo - "Relax, I'm just doin' my job!"
John Stewart - "Well so am I, genius."

Lobo - "Where can I get me one 'a those rings?"
John Stewart - "In your dreams, if you're lucky."

Lobo - "Yer not my target, Lantern."
John Stewart - "Too bad, because you're mine."

General Zod - "I did not expect a Green Lantern to try to stop me."
John Stewart - "You should have, because Earth's got five!"

General Zod - "Bow before your new master!"
John Stewart - "You're not a general I'd consider saluting."

* Phil LaMarr played this particular Green Lantern in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series
* To differentiate from Hal Jordan, John Stewart's moveset is designed to make him into a long-range, zoning character
The next few characters here are going to be Green Lantern-centric.
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FreddyFazbearSniper Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2016
There is already a John Stewart version of Green Lantern it is a costume
RealCynic Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
Wonder if Etrigan will get one.
centeking Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wish those would the move set instead of a palette-swap.
on the bright side at least he's in the game.
ArtViewerDWJ Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013   Writer
Ever think of doing static shock?
LookItsJarvis Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
Static's on my list.
ArtViewerDWJ Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013   Writer
Alright. Ever think about Guyver.
LookItsJarvis Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
I'm not gonna give everything away. And I don't know who Guyver is.
ArtViewerDWJ Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013   Writer
Guyver is actually one of three characters in Japanese manga, A bloody one at that. For the American version lookup Guyver Dark Hero.
LookItsJarvis Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013
I'm keeping this exclusive to DC characters, so don't expect Guyver.
ArtViewerDWJ Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013   Writer
JohnSLPaul Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2013  Student Photographer
John Stewart's actually been confirmed, voiced by Phil LaMarr no less! Also, you think you could do one for Static Shock?
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JohnSLPaul Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2013  Student Photographer
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Red-Rum-18 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm thinkin' if it's only one Green Lantern on the field (regardless of if it's Hal or John) it should say "Green Lantern" Vs. whomever.
But if it's both Lanterns, it's "Hal Jordan" Vs. "John Stewart"
LookItsJarvis Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013
I'm labeling Hal as "Green Lantern" since that's what he's labeled as in the game, and since he is the main one, I guess. I thought about doing what you said, but then it would get confusing as to which Green Lantern it is when they're fighting someone else.
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013
I like how you've got the architect stuff and military weapons as his contructs. He's g some good retorts here. Also like Hal and Lobo's responses.
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