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Guy Gardner

Voiced By: James Arnold Taylor

Classification: Power Character

Biography: The second modern Green Lantern from Earth, Guy Gardner is overflowing with willpower and won't let anyone forget it. Though brash and confrontational, Guy is still a hero at heart.

Intro: Charges his ring using his lantern, then holds the lantern up in the air, smirking and saying "Alright, now I'm ready to go!"

Post-Round Taunt: Holds his arms out to the sides and takes a step back, saying either "That's one for Gardner!" or "Haha! Loser!"

Outro: Looks at the opponent and chuckles, then walks over to them and forms a green cage around them, complete with a sign that says "I suck, Guy rules." He then stands there and appreciates his work.

Special Moves:

* Sawblade - Tosses a sawblade forward
** Meter Burn - Throws a second sawblade, which gets caught in the opponent and speeds up, cutting them and leaving them unable to move temporarily

* Hit 'Em While They're Down - Strikes downward with a construct shaped like a baseball bat with nails sticking out of it; operates like Joker's crowbar move
** Meter Burn - After hitting the downed opponent, they bounce into the air, and Guy hits them across the screen with the bat

* Blitz - Creates constructs on his body resembling a football helmet and football pads, and rushes forward, knocking down the enemy
** Meter Burn - Guy will tackle the opponent, then punch them in the face twice and blast them with a ring laser

* Chainsaw Spin - Creates a chainsaw construct and swings it around in a circle
** Meter Burn - After hitting the opponent with the chainsaw, instead of sending them flying, Guy pushes it further into their chest, hurting them and forcing them to the ground

* Brawler Uppercut - Creates brass knuckles constructs on his hands and does a Shoryuken-esque uppercut
** Meter Burn - After hitting the opponent into the air, Guy hits them back down and then performs an elbow drop to hit them on the ground

Launcher: Creates a construct resembling a cannon, firing a cannonball construct into the opponent and sending them flying

Forward - Punches the opponent in the stomach twice, and then hits them away with a sledgehammer construct
Back - Punches the opponent in the stomach twice, then flies behind them and hits them away with a sledgehammer

Character Trait:
Spiked Fists - Creates a sharp, jagged construct consisting of multiple spikes around his fists, allowing for any melee attacks using his hands to do extra damage

Super Move:
Petal to the Metal - Guy holds his fist up in the air (the one with the ring) and creates a growing pillar underneath the opponent, slightly damaging them and lifting them up all the way to space; when it stops, Guy comes out of nowhere driving a sportscar construct, slamming into the opponent and driving all the way back to the Earth with the opponent on the car's hood, then slamming the opponent into the ground when they land

Ending: When Superman's Regime began to take power, Guy Gardner was approached by his fellow Green Lantern Hal Jordan, offering a position in the Regime. Guy was strongly against the idea, and when he attempted to leave he was captured and locked in Stryker's Island without his ring. Years passed, but Guy's willpower still burned bright. Through sheer force of will, he summoned his ring to him and escaped, intent on raising Hell and bringing down the Regime!

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Come on! Bring it!"
"You're obviously outclassed!"
"Heh, come get some!"
"No way you're gonna win!"
"You're fighting Earth's greatest Lantern!"


Guy Gardner - "Oh, I've been waiting for this rematch!"
Batman - "Rematch? Last time it was barely a fight."

Guy Gardner - "It's gonna take more than one punch this time!"
Batman - "Then two will have to do."

Guy Gardner - "You think you're so tough..."
Batman - "I don't think, I know."

Guy Gardner - (against a female)"So you like to play rough, huh?"

Guy Gardner - "Let's go, Jordan!"
Hal Jordan - "You're always looking for a fight..."

Guy Gardner - "Don't pull your punches, flyboy!"
Hal Jordan - "I'm not planning to!"

Guy Gardner - "Let's see how good you are with that ring!"
Hal Jordan - "Well, I know I'm better than you are!"

Guy Gardner - "We're getting some good practice in!"
Hal Jordan - "But fights with ringslingers always go differently."

Guy Gardner - "I'm the new greatest of the Green Lanterns!"
Sinestro - "I find that extremely hard to believe."

Guy Gardner - "Ya scared, yellowbelly?"
Sinestro - "Never. I command fear!"

Guy Gardner - "You'll never beat the Corps!"
Sinestro - "You obviously don't know what I'm capable of!"

Guy Gardner - "I think I might just steal your ring again!"
Sinestro - "You're unfit to wield this great weapon!"

Guy Gardner - "Why're you always so serious, Stewart?"
John Stewart - "Because we can't all be goofy showoffs."

Guy Gardner - "Hey, man! Come at me!"
John Stewart - "Don't get too excited, Guy."

Guy Gardner - "Come on, ya big red son of a bitch!"
Atrocitus - "Your insults are meaningless to me!"

Guy Gardner - "I've been looking for someone to take out my aggression on!"
Atrocitus - "No, you are a target for my rage!"

Guy Gardner - "A red ring almost killed me once."
Atrocitus - "Because you were too pitiful to embrace it!"


Batman - "You don't need to prove anything, Guy."
Guy Gardner - "I don't need to! I want to!"

Batman - "Even with your ring I'll still win."
Guy Gardner - "Don't make any promises!"

Batman - "You're too irresponsible."
Guy Gardner - "Hey, I do what needs to be done, but my way!"

Hal Jordan - "I'll take you on, Guy."
Guy Gardner - "I've been itching for a fight all day!"

Hal Jordan - "You have too much fun with this stuff, Guy."
Guy Gardner - "Is it bad that I love my job?"

Hal Jordan - "Here comes a clash of wills."
Guy Gardner - "Dude, you're so boned."

Hal Jordan - "Remember that you were the ring's second choice."
Guy Gardner - "Hey, even superpowered alien rings make mistakes."

Sinestro - "The Earth's Lanterns are vermin!"
Guy Gardner - "And that makes you a crappy exterminator."

Sinestro - "Why do you even bother?"
Guy Gardner - "Because I never give up!"

Sinestro - "So, Jordan's idiot friend..."
Guy Gardner - "I'm not stupid! Just reckless."

Sinestro - "Surrender and I'll consider sparing you."
Guy Gardner - "Nah, I don't think so."

John Stewart - "I hate having to fight other Green Lanterns."
Guy Garder - "Hey, sometimes it just has to happen."

John Stewart - "Let's get this over with."
Guy Gardner - "Oh, it'll be over quickly all right!"

Atrocitus - "I will crush your bones beneath my feet!"
Guy Gardner - "Yeah, real threatening."

Atrocitus - "You will learn respect!"
Guy Gardner - "That's not happening anytime soon."

* James Arnold Taylor previously voiced Guy Gardner in Batman: The Brave and the Bold
* Unlike the other Green Lanterns, Guy doesn't float in his idle stance, but stands on the ground, with his ring sparking due to having so much willpower
* Guy is primarily a close-range character
One punch! One punch!
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