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Voiced by: Chris Cox

Classification: Gadget character (with explosives)

Biography: Possibly the world's greatest marksman, Floyd Lawton lives his life as an assassin named Deadshot. Rarely, if ever, missing a shot, Deadshot is able to take jobs that would be suicide missions for others.

Intro: Deadshot is seen in a dark room, looking through the scope of a sniper rifle pointed out of a window; he pulls away and mutters "Can't line up the shot from here..." and gets up, leaving the frame; he is then shown in the stage, loading his wrist-mounted firearms and activating his eye-mounted laser sight

Post-Round Taunt: Deadshot reloads his wrist-mounted guns and says "An easy job." or "I never miss."

Outro: Deashot adjusts his eye-mounted sight, takes aim with his right arm-mounted gun, and fires one shot at the off-screen opponent; he then turns around and raises his firing arm by his face, saying "Target's down. Time to collect my paycheck."

Special Moves:

* Sniper Assassin - Shoots forward a sniper round from one of his right wrist-mounted gun, reaching across the entire screen with high knockback
** Meter Burn - After shooting the opponent once with the wrist-mounted sniper, Deadshot will quickly kneel down on one knee and shoot them again while they fly through the air

* Sniper Assassin (Angled) - Shoots a sniper shot from his right wrist-mounted firarm upward at a 45 degree angle, working as an anti-air move

* Three Round Burst - Holds his left wrist-mounted gun forward and shoots a three-round burst, reaching about mid-screen
** Meter Burn - After hitting the opponent with this succession of bullets, Deadshot quickly uses his right wrist-mounted gun to snipe them, shooting them across the screen

* Evasive Manuevers - Leaps backward, spraying a three-round burst towards the ground in front of him at short range, to help him avoid close-range combat (similar to one of Green Arrow's moves)
** Meter Burn - Instead of shooting, Deadshot will throw a grenade to blow up the opponent

* Target Locked - Creates a red laser from his eye-mounted laser sight that reaches across the screen; if the opponent is caught in it in the brief second it's there, Deadshot will be locked onto them and shoot them with his sniper attachment even if they've moved from the original position

* Upward Shot - Falls onto his back and holds his left arm up, shooting three rounds directly above him to take out an overhead opponent

* Trick Shot - Shoots down at the ground with his left gun, making the bullet bounce upward to hit the opponent at a low angle

Launcher: Shoots forward with the sniper attachment on his right wrist

Forward - Punches the opponent in the stomach with his right hand, then immediatelt lets off a sniper shot from the same hand into the opponent's stomach, sending them into the air, letting Deadshot shoot them with a three-round burst
Back - Turns the opponent around, then punches them in the stomach with his right hand, then immediatelt lets off a sniper shot from the same hand into the opponent's stomach, sending them into the air, letting Deadshot shoot them with a three-round burst

Character Trait:
Curare Soaked Bullets - Deadshot's bullets all become soaked in curare poison for a short time, making each shot landed deal extra damage over time

Super Move:
Explosive Bullets  - Deadshot loads new clips into his wrist-mounted guns, and shoots three round about halfway across the screen; if they hit the opponent, they will stumble back, and Deadshot presses down a button on a handheld detonator, exploding the three bullets lodged inside the opponent, lifting them into the air slightly; Deadshot then shoots a sniper round at the opponent, and detonates it, sending them further up; Deadshot does this two more times before completely unloading many bullets with his automatic attachment and exploding detonating each bullet

Ending: Deadshot had just completed his biggest contract to date. After serving the Regime for a brief time as a hired gun, and then being placed in Stryker's Island penitentiary for criticisms of the High Counsilor, Deadshot escaped, and was found by certain parties interested in his services. Tasked with killing Superman, Deadshot happily completed his mission, earning not only revenge, but a new reputation as the deadliest assassin in the world.

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"I never miss!"
"I'll put one right between the eyes!"
"I'm not above getting up close and personal!"
"Give up. I'll make it quick and painless."
"You're on my list!"


Deadshot - "You won't make it out alive this time!"
Batman - "You're not that good of a shot."

Deadshot - "I'll be known as the man who killed the Bat!"
Batman - "Do you know how many criminals have said that?"

Deadshot - "There's a huge price on your head."
Batman - "But you won't be able to claim it."

Deadshot - "Do you even know how many people want you dead?"
Joker - "What can I say? I'm super popular."

Deadshot - "You really think your arrows stand a chance?"
Green Arrow - "I was about to ask the same thing about your bullets."

Deadshot - "Why use such a primitive weapon?"
Green Arrow - "I'd rather rely on my skills than a machien like you do."

Deadshot - "This time, you're dead Arrow!"
Green Arrow - "Is that what you think's gonna happen?"

Deadshot - "Time to prove I'm the better assassin!"
Deathstroke - "You must be joking."

Deadshot - "I'm sick of you butting in on my kills!"
Deathstroke - "An open contract is an open contract."

Deadshot - "Let me teach you to use those guns, old man!"
Deathstroke - "I'd prefer to kill you using my sword..."

Deadshot - "You've pissed a lot of powerful people off!"
Red Hood - "So I guess I'm doing my job right!"

Deadshot - "You call yourself a marksman?"
John Stewart - "Yeah, and I use the most powerful ranged weapon in the universe!"


Batman - "The killing ends here, Lawton!"
Deadshot - "I'm just making a living, Bats!."

Batman - "Tell me who hired you!"
Deadshot - "Sorry, can't divulge that information!"

Batman - "You won't be able to kill me, Deadshot."
Deadshot - "Don't be so sure of that."

Joker - "Someone wants little old me dead?"
Deadshot - "And I'm the one doing the job for them."

Green Arrow - "How's your aim?"
Deadshot - "Damn near perfect."

Green Arrow - "This isn't fair! My weapon's better!"
Deadshot - "You make a lot of jokes for a dead man."

Green Arrow - "Guns are boring. A bow's a real weapon."
Deadshot - "I'd prefer to have more firepower!"

Deathstroke - "You must have a death wish."
Deadshot - "You must be a detective."

Deathstroke - "You're just a mediocre mercenary."
Deadshot - "And you're too old for this line of work."

Deathstroke - "Fight like a man!"
Deadshot - "But it's easier to just snipe your head off..."

Red Hood - "You honestly think you're gonna kill me?"
Deadshot - "Think? I know."

John Stewart - "You're bullets can't break through my shielding."
Deadshot - "I'll just wait for you to let your guard down."

* Chris Cox has previously voiced Deadshot in Batman: Arkham City, as well as in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins
* Deadshot's curare-soaked bullets come from his assassination strategies in the series Arrow

Boom! Headshot!
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