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June 25, 2013
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Voiced by: J.S. Gilbert

Classification: Power Character

Biography: After the space sector 666 was decimated by the Guardians of the Universe's original army, the Manhunters, Atrocitus was one of the few survivors. His thirst for vengeance growing over the hundreds of years, Atrocitus created a red lantern, one fueled by rage, to finally get his revenge.

Intro: A burst of red energy erupts when Atrocitus holds his ring to his lantern, and he then turns towards to the opponent and says "You will burn!"

Post-Round Taunt: Takes a feral stance and roars

Outro: Turns away from the opponent and breathes heavily for a brief time, then flies away; he is then shown surrounded by other Red Lanterns on Ysmault

Special Moves:

* Plasma Burst - �Releases burning plasma from his mouth at a short range, burning away at the opponent if it connects and leaving them unable to move for a brief time
** Meter Burn - After the plasma begins burning the opponent, it explodes, causing the opponent to take extra damage and fly upward

* Rage Blast - Fires an oval-shaped blast of pure rage energy forward from his ring
** Rage Blast - Fires a full beam of red rage energy forward from his ring

* Berserker Launch - Jumps forward and slams back down to the ground
** Meter Burn - After landing on the opponent, Atrocitus will begin to claw at them

* Demonic Fury - Grabs forward and stabs the claws of his right hand into their stomach before slamming them into the ground in front of him
** Demonic Fury - Instead of slamming them into the ground, Atrocitus throws them forward and shoots them with a blast from his ring

* Vengeance Charge - Flies forward very quickly, plowing through the enemy
** Meter Burn - After hitting the enemy, Atrocitus grabs a hold of them and drags them across the ground as he flies

* Crimson Spike - Slams one hand onto the ground, and a stream of red energy flows forward from the ground, reaching mid-way across the screen

Launcher: Slashes forward with both hands to knock opponents away

Forward - Brings opponent up close, vomits burning plasma onto their face, and tosses them forward
Back - Brings opponent up close, vomits burning plasma onto their face, and throws them backward

Character Trait:
Blood Magic - Kneels onto the ground while drawing a symbol on the ground with his bleeding thumb; once it is fully charged, Atrocitus will glow red with rage, taking less damage and dealing more of it for a limited time; it does not need to be charged all at once

Super Move:
Wrath of the Red Lanterns - Claws forward three times; if the opponent is caught in this, Atrocitus will bind them with a simple construct and create a symbol on the ground, which summons multiple Red Lanterns, including Dex-Starr, Bleez, Zilius Zox, and a few others, who brutally attack the opponent with their claws and their plasma; finally Bleez grabs the opponent, flies them into the air, dropping them; Atrocitus catches them by their throat and slams them head first into the ground so hard it partly buries them

Ending: After the Red Lantern planet Ysmault was attacked by Sinestro, causing the deaths of many Red Lanterns, Atrocitus focused his rage toward this enemy and his forces. But upon learning of Sinestro's support coming from Earth's new Regime instilled by Superman, Atrocitus made it his mission to tear down this organization and make all involved with it suffer. Traveling to Earth, Atrocitus shows no mercy in his war for vengeance against the Regime.

Clash Quotes:

standard Quotes:
"I will tear you limb from limb!"
"Your blood will stain this ground!"
"My rage will consume you!"
"There is no escape!"
"Feel my wrath!"


Atrocitus - "The cyborg version of you commands the Manhunters!"
Superman - "Don't blame me for Hank Henshaw's actions!"

Atrocitus - "You are a fool to fight me!"
Sinestro - "You overestimate your abilities!"

Atrocitus - "Fear holds no power!"
Sinestro - "And rage is uncontrollable!"

Atrocitus - "You will die for your actions!"
Sinestro - "My actions are for a noble cause!"

Atrocitus - "I will enjoy this!"
Hal Jordan - "You'll enjoy getting your ass kicked?"

Atrocitus - "Your precious Guardians will suffer!"
Hal Jordan - "Not if I have anything to say about it!"

Atrocitus - "I shall crush your bones, Jordan!"
Hal Jordan - "I bet you say that to all the Lanterns."

Atrocitus - "First you, then the rest of your Corps!"
Hal Jordan - "Good luck with that, buddy."

Atrocitus - "You'll pay dearly for your insolence!"
Lobo - "Ha! You make me laugh!"

Atrocitus - "You are a perfect candidate for my corps.!"
Scorpion - "I belong to the Shirai Ryu!"

Atrocitus - "Your heart burns for retribution!"
Scorpion - "I will seek vengeance on my own!"

Atrocitus - "The Green Lantern Corps. is a joke!"
John Stewart - "A joke that you copied."

Atrocitus - "One of the Guardians' lackeys..."
John Stewart - "I'm way more than a lackey!"

Atrocitus - "Your Corps. will burn for the Guardians' sins!"
John Stewart - "The Green Lanterns can't be blamed for the Manhunters!"


Superman - "Earth is under my protection."
Atrocitus - "It is not your planet I want!"

Sinestro - "You will learn to fear me!"
Atrocitus - "I fear nothing!"

Sinestro - "You mindless animal..."
Atrocitus - "I am in complete control!"

Sinestro - "Allow me to explain my--"
Atrocitus - "I will tear out your throat!"

Hal Jordan - "Come on, man. Have a heart!"
Atrocitus - "My ring is my new heart!"

Hal Jordan - "Why do you always want to kill everyone?"
Atrocitus - "To get revenge for everything they've done!"

Hal Jordan - "You should try some anger management."
Atrocitus - "Anger is my power!"

Hal Jordan - "Another day, another evil alien."
Atrocitus - "I am not evil! I seek justice!"

Lobo - "Ya better give me one 'a those rings!"
Atrocitus - "Never to you, bounty hunter!"

Scorpion - "I seek vengeance for my family and my people!"
Atrocitus - "We are more similar than you think!"

Scorpion - "You use similar magic to Quan Chi..."
Atrocitus - "I use more than magic to accomplish my goals!"

John Stewart - "We don't have to fight like this."
Atrocitus - "I neither offer nor accept surrender!"

John Stewart - "You can barely even make constructs!"
Atrocitus - "I only need my rage to kill you!"

John Stewart - "The Guardians aren't perfect, but you--"
Atrocitus - "Do you know what they have done to me?!"

* J.S. Gilbert has never voiced Atrocitus, but he is known for playing Sweet Tooth in the Twisted Metal series
I know Atrocitus has learned how to make constructs, but this helps make him different from the other ring users.
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Netherman14 Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
May I suggest Jonathan Adams, he voiced Atros in Green Lantern: The Animated Series.
LookItsJarvis Featured By Owner May 6, 2014
I never watched the show, but I looked up a clip to see how Atrocitus sounded and I didn't like it.
Netherman14 Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wait, NVM.
Arpeggio989 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
I love the idea of J.S. Gilbert doing Atrocitus. Actually, I love everything about this!

I imagine he'd play as a mix of Sinestro and Doomsday.
ArtViewerDWJ Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013   Writer
centeking Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
What about Tim Drake?
LookItsJarvis Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
Since Nightwing uses a staff in this game I feel like Robin may be too similar. I may still end up making one of these for him but he's not a priority.
alienhominid2000 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
Lantern* got that mispelled
alienhominid2000 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013
Awesome moveset.

Will there be Black Lateran in this?
LookItsJarvis Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013
Who do you mean? Like Black Hand or Necron or something? Because the term "Black Lantern" refers to an entire army of undead Lantern users.
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