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Alfred Pennyworth

Voiced by: Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

Classification: Gadget character (without explosives)

Biography: Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne's loyal butler, serving not only as a confidant to the Batman but also as his father figure. Alfred is the moral heart of the Bat Family, but he still handle himself in a fight.

Intro: Alfred is seen pouring some tea from a teapot into a teacup, then picks up the tray holding the both of them, turning around to face his opponent and saying "Well, then. I guess I'll have to get my hands dirty."

Post-Round Taunt: Removes the teacup from the tray he's holding through the match and takes a sip

Outro: Alfred turns around calmly and says "I really must get back to work...", then the scene changes to Alfred in the Batcave, dusting the Batcomputer

Special Moves:

* Tray Toss - Tosses the teacup and teapot in the air by forcefully raising his arm, then throws the tray forward at the opponent, only to have it zoom back to him in time to catch the teacup and teapot
** Meter Burn - After the tray comes  back to him, Alfred uses it to catch the teacup and teapot and send them into the air, and then throws the tray at the opponent again, faster and harder, only for it to come back

* Flying Butler Kick - Does a reverse flying kick that travels about mid-way across the screen, knocking the opponent back forcefully
** Meter Burn - After hitting the opponent with the flying kick, Alfred follows up with a bicycle kick, hitting them three times before knocking them away

* Server Slide - Slides across the ground, while holding the tray raised above him, to knock the opponent off their feet
** Meter Burn - When the opponent is knocked off their feet, Alfred kicks upward to knock the opponent into the air

* Tray Counter - Quickly tosses the teacup and teapot into the air and holds the tray in front of his face to block an attack; if this works, he will either force a projectile back at the opponent, or slam the tray onto the opponent's head and kick them away before catching the teacup and teapot onto the tray

Launcher: Kicks forward

Forward - Kicks out the opponent's kneecaps, forcing them to the ground, then pours hot tea onto their face from the teapot before kicking them in the face
Backward - Kicks out the opponent's kneecaps, forcing them to the ground, and walks around the opponent, then pouts hot tea onto their face from the teapot before kicking them in the face

Character Trait: Medical Skills - Sets the tray on the ground and kneels downward to wrap bandages around his arm, slowly healing small amounts of his health, similar to Cyborg's character trait

Super Move: Guardian Butler - Alfred grabs the teacup and thrusts it forward to spray hot tea forward; if it connects with the opponent, they'll be blinded, allowing Alfred to break the teapot over the opponent's head; as they turn back in pain, Alfred pulls out a shotgun and shoots them directly in the back, sending them flying forward

Ending: Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's loyal butler, was thought to be dead, killed by the Regime for his loyalty to Batman. However, unbeknownst to all, Alfred had survived the attempt on his life, falling between the cracks in the Regime for years, until the time was right to strike. Somehow travelling to Superman's Fortress of Solitude, Alfred challenged the Regime's leader, who thought of the challenge as a joke. However, Superman had no idea just how powerful Alfred Pennyworth really is...

Clash Quotes:

Standard Quotes:
"Oh dear."
"Pardon the pun, but I'll clean up your act."
"It appears I'll have to put my British Special Forces training to use."
"Not just anyone can be Batman's butler."
"How many lumps would you like with your tea?"


Alfred - "I believe it's past your bedtime, Master Grayson"
Nightwing - "Come on, Alfred. I'm not a kid anymore."

Alfred - "Always so stubborn..."
Nightwing - "You live with Bruce and Damian and call me stubborn?"

Alfred - "Remember who raised you, Master Bruce."
Batman - "As if I would forget."

Alfred - "I won't allow you to sink into darkness!"
Batman - "You don't understand, Alfred!"

Alfred - "Master Wayne, your dinner's getting cold."
Batman - "It can wait until we're done here."

Alfred - "I detest clowns."
Joker - "Just give me a chance! I'll leave you smiling!"

Alfred - "I'm not any ordinary helpless butler!"
Joker - "You're right, you're Bruce Wayne's helpless butler!"

Alfred - "I refuse to let you see Master Bruce, Miss Kyle."
Catwoman - "What? Am I a bad influence?"

Alfred - "You should probably be getting home, Miss Gordon."
Batgirl - "You can't make me!"

Alfred - "Wouldn't you rather spar with one of the others, Miss Gordon?"
Batgirl - "I just want to see what you can handle!"

Alfred - "Master Todd, please calm down!"
Red Hood - "You're not the boss of me, Alfred! Not anymore!"


Nightwing - "Alfred, if you win this, I'll cook you dinner."
Alfred - "I prefer my steak medium rare."

Nightwing - "You're pretty nimble for an older fella."
Alfred - "Daily stretching works wonders."

Batman - "I won't hurt you, Alfred."
Alfred - "Please. You wouldn't be able to."

Batman - "Why don't you take the night off?"
Alfred - "What? And miss all the fun?"

Batman - "I sometimes forget how good you are in a fight."
Alfred - "You are a very forgetful person, after all."

Joker - "Just be a good little hostage and quit fighting!"
Alfred - "Sorry, I've been a hostage before. I don't enjoy it."

Joker - "Who are you supposed to be?"
Alfred - "The goddamn Batman, of course."

Catwoman - "I'm here to see Bruce."
Alfred - "I'm afraid Master Bruce is rather busy at the moment."

Batgirl - "When are my other suits coming out of the laundry?"
Alfred - "Sorry, but bullet resistant fibers are rather hard to wash."

Batgirl - "I'm working up an appetite here."
Alfred - "I can prepare lunch after this, if you'd like."

Red Hood - "You're the one person whose death will most affect Bruce..."
Alfred - "If you would refrain from killing me, that would be spectacular."

* Efrem Zimbalist Jr. was Alfred's voice actor in the DC Animated Universe cartoons
Happy April Fool's Day
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