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Costumes: Cassandra Cain's regular costume (tweaked to fit the style), Batman: The Animated Series (Barbara  Gordon version)

Intro Quotes and Animations:

* Cracks knuckles and says "Let's make this quick."

* Walks in slowly and strikes a martial arts pose

* Stands still, while saying "You don't stand a chance."

* Stretches arms and says "I used to be a mute. That's what you'll be when I'm done with you."

Overall Playstyle: Batgirl is a quick yet powerful character. She has good maneuverability since she is fast (though slower than Catwoman), has a grappling gadgets to allow her to hide on vantage points, and can glide using her cape. She works best as a physical fighter, since she does not have as many gadgets as Batman, Robin, or Nightwing, reflecting how in the comics she prefers her martial arts styles over using weapons or gadgets.

Special Vision: All characters will have their own version of Detective Mode. Batgirl's is also known as Detective Mode, however it is a different color than Batman's, being a red color. Unarmed enemies are light blue, while armed enemies are a brighter orange.


* Batarangs - The Batarangs operate the same as Batman's Batarange, Nightwing's Wing Dings, Robin's Shuriken, and Catwoman's Bolas. The quickfire batarang is the same as Batman's and is operated by tapping L1 or LB.

* Triple Batclaw - This gadget was used by Batman in Arkham Asylum, and is now used by Batgirl. It is a Batclaw consisting or three separate claws. Using this, Batgirl can grapple to vantage points, grapple up to higher ledges, and grab enemies, just like with the normal batclaw. However, she can grab up to three enemies at once. Also, when confronted with a collapsible wall, the triple batclaw can be shot at it, and it will latch into the wall. The wall can then be pulled down, opening a new area, but also alerting enemies. The quickfire triple batclaw will latch onto the three nearest foes (if there are that many within range).

* Spark Bomb - A glorified sparkler, spark bombs are a distraction tool can be thrown down to create blinding flashes of light as well as large crackling noises. When thrown close to an enemy, the thug will be completely stunned and unable to see, leaving them open for attack. When one is set off farther away from a group of enemies, they will go to investigate the flashing and the loud noises, making them abandon their posts. This can only be used once during a challenge. The quickfire spark bomb is useful in combat maps, since it is able to blind enemies when they are in large groups, causing them to randomly attack each other in hopes of getting you.

* Capture Disc - A disc-shaped object that, when thrown, releases a strong wire that wraps itself around the enemy that the disc was thrown at. Once hit, they are wrapped in the wire and collapse to the ground, making them easy targets. If they are not dealt with immediately, then other thugs have the chance to go over and free them from the trap. Batgirl has an unlimited supply of these, but if one is used on a second thug while another enemy is already tied up, then the already captured enemy will break themselves out while the second enemy will be tied up.

Slide Animation: Does a normal slide.

Dive Animation: Dives forward and rolls on the ground. If diving over an enemy, Batgirl steps on their head and then leaps past them.

Stun Animation and Beatdown: Swings her cape at a henchman's eyes to stun them, just like Batman. For a beatdown, Batgirl does a series of rapid punches, kicks, and karate chops focused on the pressure points of the thug's body. For super stun, Batgirl swings her cape in three directions.

Knife Dodge and Knife Dodge Takedown: Batgirl dodges the blade quickly. For the knife dodge takedown, Batgirl grabs the enemy's wrist, and twists it to break it, making them drop the knife and instantly knocking out the opponent


* One enemy, punching - Grabs enemy's arm, then flips him over her shoulder

* One enemy, punching - Grabs enemy's arm, then does a high kick at their face

* One enemy, punching - Dodges enemy's punch, then comes back up to karate chop them directly in the throat

* One enemy, punching from behind - Backhands them in the face

* One enemy, kicking - Grabs thug's leg, then kicks him in the groin

* One enemy, kicking from behind - Jumps over their leg, and hits them with a backwards kick

* One enemy, with a blunt weapon - Grabs weapon from enemy, throws it away, and then kicks him in the stomach

* One enemy, with a blunt weapon - Grabs weapon from henchman, holds it sideways, and pushes it forward, hitting his chest

* One enemy, from the League of Assassins - Steps to the side to dodge sword, then kicks their feet out from under them, knocking them down

* Two enemies, both in front - Drops down to the ground to avoid attacks, then springs back up feet-first, kicking them both in the face

* Two enemies, both in front - Spins one enemy around so he punches the other one

* Two enemies, one in front, one behind - Jumps upward and does a mid-air flip with her legs out, kicking both henchmen

* Two enemies, one in front, one behind - Grabs one foe, then throws him over her shoulder into the other one

* Three enemies, in a triangle - Jumps up, does a split-kick to hit two henchmen, then hits the third by slamming both her fists onto the top of his head

* Three enemies, in a triangle - Drops down to the ground, and does a sweep to take out all their legs

Special Combo Takedowns:

* Grabs enemy, forces them to the ground, and slams their head into the floor

* Grabs thug's foot, and twists it, causing them to fall to the ground and drift into unconsciousness

* Pushes opponent to the ground and kicks their face to knock them out

* When enemy has a stun baton, Batgirl twirls the baton around and zaps them in the stomach

* When enemy has a shield, Batgirl pulls the shield away, and hits them over the head with it

Ground Takedowns:

* Kneels down and karate chops the opponent

* Kneels down and elbows opponent in the head

* Kneels down and punches opponent in the head

* When far away, leaps over, lands on opponent, and karate chops them

* When far away, leaps over, lands on opponent, does a flip, and kicks them

Grate Takedown: While hiding in the floor grates, Batgirl will jumps up, uppercutting the thug above her, knocking him out

Ledge Takedown: While hanging from a ledge, Batgirl will grab the thug and pull him over the edge, with a rope tied to his feet and the ledge so he stays alive.

Double Ledge Takedown: Grabs both enemies, and sends them both over the edge, connected by a rope.

Weak Wall Takedown: When behind a weak wooden wall with an enemy on the other side, Batgirl can kick the wall down, and then punch the enemy right in the head to knock him out.

Reverse Ledge Takedown: While standing on the railing, with an enemy underneath her, Batgirl can hang from the side and wrap her legs around the enemy's face, silently knocking him out by temporarily leaving him unable to breath.

Window Takedown: Shatters the window with her elbow, then grabs the opponent and does a silent takedown on them.

Glass Ceiling Takedown: Smashes the glass underneath her, landing on the enemy, instantly knocking him out.

Abromovici Twin Takedown: After beating one of the Abromovici Twins, Batgirl can repeatedly karate chop them, and finish the attack by doing a huge roundhouse kick.

Titan Thug Takedown: After beating a Titan Thug, Batgirl will run up its back and kick them in the back of the head.

Silent Takedowns:

* Leaps on the opponent's back with her arms wrapped around her mouth, making it hard for them to breath until they pass out. When doing a knockout smash, she will slam them into the ground.

* Steps behind opponent and presses on their pressure point, making them slowly fall over and pass out. When doing a knockout smash, she will loudly karate chop their head.

* Covers enemy's mouth with one hand while restraining their arms with the other, until they finally pass out. When doing a knockout smash, Batgirl throws them onto the floor and kicks them.

Double Silent Takedown: Grabs the two enemies, and slams their heads together.

Glide Kick: From a higher point, Batgirl can do a glide kick on an enemy, gliding down and kicking them.

Drop Attack: From a higher point, Batgirl simply drops down on top of an enemy, knocking them down.

Riddler Announcement: When on a stealth mission, these are some Batgirl-specific quotes said to his henchmen:

* "Batman should know better than to send a girl to do a man's job. Take care of her." in the beginning, before anyone is taken out

* "She's gotten one of you! She's better than I thought. But she won't prove me wrong in the end... " after someone is taken out

* "You idiots are dropping like flies! Kill her, or I'll kill you." after someone is taken out

Joker's Carnival DLC Announcements: In the Joker's Carnival DLC map, Joker has character specific quotes before and after the challenge:

* "Batgirl? Seems like you've gotten a new look. Before, I could have mistaken you for the Commisioner's daughter!" before the challenge

* "You boys have failed me! I thought you'd be able to take on a highly-skilled martial artist!" after the challenge

Iceberg Lounge DLC Penguin Announcements: In the Iceberg Lounge DLC map, the Penguin says a character-specific quote before the challenge:

* "She's no Batman, but she's close enough. Kill her, and don't be gentle!"

Combat Map Thug Quotes: These are Batgirl-specific battle quotes from the thugs in Combat maps:

* "Come here, girlie. Let's play!"

* "You might know karate, but there's only one of you!"

* "We wanted Batman, but we never say no when we get to meet a new girl!"

* "Don't let her get too close!"

* "I thought you were supposed to be deadly!"

Stealth Map Thug Quotes: These are Batgirl-specific quotes from the thugs in stealth maps, and some of these depend on if the thugs are calm, nervous, or terrified, which depends on how many guys have been beaten. TYGER guards have different quotes, but don't say anything special when nervous, and never get terrified:

* "Alright, she's just a teenage girl. We'll find her, no problem." calm

* "I'm sick and tired of Batman's little sidekicks..." calm

* "What? How's this happening?" nervous

* "Just watch your backs, and we'll be fine. Right?" nervous

* "Don't get too worked up... She;s no Batman, that's for sure..." nervous

* "There's no way some girl is taking me down! No way!" terrified

* "Don't come near me! You hear me, bitch?! Get away!" terrified

* "I'm sorry I made fun 'a you cuz you're a girl! Just leave us alone!" terrified

* "All units, target is Batgirl. I repeat: Batgirl is our target." calm, when the enemies are TYGER guards

* "Batgirl allegedly is trained in martial arts and assassination. Be on guard." calm, when the enemies are TYGER guards
It's finally up! Next time, Harley Quinn!

Anyway, since Batgirl wasn't in the game, I'm also going to make a character bio for her in the description here (I'll also do it for anyone else I do who wasn't in Arkham City):


Information -
Real Name: Cassandra Cain
Occupation: Vigilante Crimefighter
Based In: Gotham City
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5 ft 5 in
Weight: 115 lb
First Appearance: Batman #567 (July, 1999)

Bio -
The daughter of assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva, Cassandra Cain was trained from a young age to be a killer and the ultimate bodyguard for Ra's Al Ghul. Although she was not taught how to speak, she was trained in reading the body language of others, making her a deadly assassin due to her skills in martial arts as well as in perception.
After her first real kill, she was horrified, and fled from her father to Gotham City. Meeting Oracle after the earthquake that turned Gotham into a No Man's Land, both Batman and Oracle approved of her becoming the next Batgirl in order to redeem herself. Since then, she has learned to speak and has adjusted to nonfatal combat.
Although not present in Arkham City, Batgirl has been working outside of the prison's walls to keep Gotham safe from Strange's influence.

Attributes -
* Trained with deadly proficiency in several forms of martial arts
* Capable of reading a person's body language
* Access to most of Batman's gadgets, despite preferring hand-to-hand combat
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